Why WordPress Is Perfect For You

Every time I go looking for clients they ask me do you use WordPress which I always say yes. Some have known WordPress and some do not I would like to let you know Why WordPress is perfect for you!.

First WordPress is no longer just  blogging platform it has become a  content management system (CMS),(more on what that is at a later time). So let look at the reason why WordPress is perfect for you.

WordPress is Free.

You know how they say the best thing in life are free will WordPress is one of them, Its free to download install and modify. You can use WordPress for your Business,Church or personal use. To run WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting.I mostly have been using Godaddy Click Here to read their WordPress Hosting plan.

WordPress is open source.

Which mean a large group of people design theme plugin and everything else use in a WordPress, The best part is anyone can contribute to WordPress you can design a theme, plugin in or simple help answer a survey what you would like to see.

Themes and Plugins

One of the biggest reason people use WordPress is because of the free themes, which let your site have any look you want it to have. There is  also themes you can pay for that give you even more of a look to your likely.

The number of themes is growing every day take a look at WordPress.org themes library they have https://wordpress.org/themes/ I use them and I use http://themeforest.net/ (But you have to pay and have a membership which I will get if you hire me if you choose to want a paid theme).

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. Think of a plugin as adding a little extra spark to your WordPress site. A plugin that I just came in contact with and hope to use for my church is called the give plugin https://givewp.com/ which I will write about down the road.

WordPress Make It Easy To Find You

When I use to do basic website I had to write in keywords and meta tags in order for people to find the website on google and all search engines ( I still do it and WordPress even has plugins that help). WordPress by design is very SEO friendly.

WordPress Is all about being Safe and Secure

The internet is a crazy and dangers place, web sites are always getting hacked. Every.day WordPress is always coming up with updates and way to keep your website safe and secure.


So if you would like a website in WordPress please contact me 


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